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Rajiv Rakyan was born into one of the oldest and most reputed families in India, which had a rich heritage of trading in some of the most Prestigious jewels in the world. Following his family legacy, he developed a keen interest in diamonds at a very young age; which led him to Antwerp (Belgium) the world’s diamond capital; where he founded Vitraag Bvba in the 1980s.

This Firm has developed into a global, vertically integrated company with the help of its dedicated skilled force of over 2000. Today Vitraag has its presence in Belgium, USA, Thailand, Italy, Hong Kong, Russia and India. The firm is truly a multinational & flawlessly blends experiences and knowledge gained from existing markets; to help them expand to new ones.From Rough to Polish and finally to Fine jewelry Manufacturing; This corporation is constantly investing in R&D and its skilled force to provide its partners, customers and other stakeholders with unique and innovative new pieces, at the most competitive prices.


Centuries of Heritage


Diamond supply strength at any given time.


Team of 2000 Skilled Experts


As a company, we enthusiastically adhere to Best Practice Principles and accept our Corporate Social Responsibility to create profits while preventing any harm to the environment and our employees. We also, however, adopt a more proactive and comprehensive commitment to our workforce, our local communities and our planet.

For example, we work to improve the quality of life of our employees and communities with eco-friendly and air conditioned facilities, as well as provide health care for the families of all our employees along with many other employee benefits.


Our strategic priorities are to maintain our leadership through our long standing alliances and relationship with miners and customers. Furthermore, we strive to continue to gain international market share and recognize the increasing competitiveness of the industry. Our clients view us as one of the world’s leading & trusted manufacturers. We take pride in this and are continuously seeking ways to add value and strengthen the reputation of our firm. In return for their loyalty and support of our clients; We are committed to supply diamonds at extremely competitive prices to our customers; which enables us and them to grow simultaneously.

Our global network enables us to identify and respond rapidly to market shifts. To hold our position as global player in the industry; we strive to expand the company by devoting resources to create public awareness and branding. Furthermore we are constantly finding ways to innovate in the diamond industry.