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Vitraag creates unique Haute Joaillerie necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Our masterpieces are a combination of the finest diamond and high-precision jeweler’s know-how.
Our Jewelry designer team consists of the most creative minds in the industry. Furthermore, we are constantly challenging them to research and develop new designs so we can provide our clients with the most unique pieces to give them an edge.

All our high-end pieces are handmade by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen. These experts spend end number of hours to ensure the quality of the Jewel they deliver is of the highest standard.

Our Jewellery units in India and Italy work hard to combine style and comfort with a touch of modernity.


Our newest venture has been to produce casual jewelry for day to day wear starting from $500 till $10,000. In these price point collections, we have two categories; one is the standard line which consists of standard rounds and fancy shape in very simple prong, bezel and halo settings. The other line consists of fancy color diamonds, composite diamonds and rose cut diamonds set in unique manners to produce an exclusive line.